Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption (directed by Frank Darabont, 1994).
For Andy, this is the mantra that keeps him going inside Shawshank Prison.

Handmade with high quality New Zealand leather.
Brass key ring.


Personalisation available.

Please see the last photo for the difference between EMBOSSING & LASER ENGRAVING.

EMBOSSING has a nice & smooth look, allows max 8 letters, suitable for initial, date, name etc

ENGRAVING appears in black colour, allows max 30 letters, suitable for quote or message


New Zealand Full Grain leather 

The highest quality leather, also the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types. This leather becomes more beautiful with age, with the natural patina developing a deep character over time. Like a good piece of marble or a beautiful piece of timber, an aniline leather will change, mark and stain, softening into its rich patina with age.

Quote Leather Key Chain