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My name is Qi,  the designer and maker behind Coast Craft.

Coast Craft started at my kitchen table while I was living in Franz Josef, West Coast.

I was always drawn to the patina (a soft sheen that develops through use and exposure on the surface of the material which provides a character, a personality, to the product) of aged leather products, they are so unique and each piece carries a different story.

I first started crafting leather wallets because I was never able to find a wallet that I really loved. So, there it started. I bought some tools and a piece of leather and then got into it. I had so much satisfaction when I finished my first wallet, I was amazed by how a piece of leather could turn into something I could actually use. 

From there leather crafting becomes my biggest passion. I went from making one wallet for myself, to multiple wallets. I also study different leather crafting techniques to better my work. 

I always believe that It takes time to make a good wallet and takes a lifetime to test it.

All of my products are built to be accessible, necessary essentials that age gracefully and uniquely to every owner.

All of the products are hand cut, hand polished, hand stitched and hand burnished.



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